New apps

3 07 2010

So is spent some time in the app store last night and cam across some new apps that are worth mentioning.

White Light Reference Guide is a FREE app for a production company in the UK with lots of great info. The have there standard marketing materials, like news, portfolio, contacts and history. But they also have a gel conversion chart and some basic weights of equipment.  The gel chart is text only and the weights are in Kg, but for FREE its a must have reference app.

DMX Switch by Sound Source Pro Audio and Lighting.  I can’t believe someone actually made a DMX switch app this has to be the best and most original idea on the internet. (insert sarcasm sign here). Yes there are a ton of these in the app store and all is does is give you the address for your dmx switch settings. The good news is it is free, the bad news I can’t tell you how well it works it crashes on my 2nd generation ipod touch. Oops just went to there support site and its blank.

iTruss is a 4.99 app that according to the manufacturer “Determine load, span or truss needed for your job in the field with this exciting new iPhone® application from XSF.”  I have not downloaded it yet to give it a test run.




One response

5 10 2010

Just as an FYI. the iTruss app is only for XSF Structures truss, so don’t go looking for Thomas or Tomcat on there.

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